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About iMile

Born in the heart of Dubai and raised with the latest technology, iMile Delivery Services is an emerging start-up in the Middle East. We believe in providing organized logistics solutions by building a bridge between China and the Middle East.

iMile has a team of experts from multiple industries ranging from e-commerce, last-mile delivery, cloud technology to warehousing and fulfillment.

Rita was Ex-Alibaba Dubai JV CTO, Country manager of Huawei, she has 9 years experiences in the MENA region.

Having strong experience in localization service and technology, Rita is determined to bring unique value on solving COD problems for Chinese background e-commerce merchants. Also, as the founder of ePanda, the No.1 start-up media in Chinese for the region. She is an active entrepreneur in the Middle East start-up community.


In the future, iMile aims to become the leading cross-border e-commerce technology logistics company in the Middle East.


As a technology-driven first-mile, international mile and localized last-mile delivery platform, iMile’s focuses to serve Chinese and Local e-commerce merchants.

Our History

In June 2017, iMile was launched in UAE & China.

In November 2017, iMile moved operations to a small warehouse in UAE.

In February 2018, iMile started warehousing and fulfillment services.

In June 2018, iMile was launched in KSA and moved into a bigger warehouse in UAE.

In October 2018, iMile added 3 warehouses in KSA.

In Feb 2019, KSA warehouses expanded to seven locations.

In May 2019, KSA operations covered more than 120 cities with 12 Hubs.

In June 2019, China warehouse was moved to accommodate the increased volume.

In June 2019, 2 Hubs were added in UAE.

In July 2019, UAE warehouse moved to the 23,000 SQFT facility.



COD deliveries are our core strength. Our ground experts work on constantly improving the COD acceptance rate.


Our network of distribution centers, delivery stations connected via optimized line haul enhances the delivery quality. Our in-house drivers assist in maximizing the delivery success rate.


We connect with our customers via Business Chat, E-mail, Phone Call, SMS and Social Media.


Our state-of-the-art warehouses provide storage, fulfillment, inventory management, and returns solutions.


Our international mile experts ensure fastest B2B and B2C movement.

Our Management

Rita Huang Zhen

Founder & CEO
Ex Alibaba

Naveen Joseph

Co-founder and Regional Director-Operations
Ex Amazon